Despite producing some of the best teas in the world, it doesn't have a place on the tea map that it sorely deserves.

As I went along in this venture, I realized that Nepal is simply a tea-boy for India, meaning almost all the high-quality tea that it produces is sent to India from where it is rebranded and sold as Darjeeling tea.

During the same time, I also realized that most people are really missing out on their tea. They are opting for tea bags, which while convenient, come nowhere close to the taste or health benefits of full-leaf tea. When I asked around, my friends said that they found full-leaf tea to be too inaccessible. Where it was available, there were too many overwhelming varieties with complicated names, and difficult to prepare (let the water cool to precisely 80 degrees Celcius).

Frustrated, I decided to do something about these things. We began work on a tea brand that would source exclusively from Nepal and make full-leaf tea accessible.

Today, I would like to unveil TÊTÊ to you. At TÊTÊ, we have just three varieties of tea - green, white, and black - all sourced from more than 5,000 feet from the Himalayas in Nepal. The teas are organic, but because they are grown by small farmers, they are not certified organic. I sourced the TÊTÊ teas very carefully, choosing only the best from gardens that have never been exposed to the outside world. In order to tailor the teas to sophisticated palettes, I spent countless hours with the tea pluckers and processors. Our direct partnerships not only benefit the farmers, but also help us in keeping our tea fresh, artisanal, and affordable.

Tea tasting to select the best teas
Our mission is big and we need your help. If you want to support TÊTÊ, you can try out our tea - we guarantee a whole new world will open up before you.

 Founder - TÊTÊ