Full-leaf tea is often thought to be complicated to make, but the reverse is true - it is really simple to prepare. To prepare TÊTÊ, all you need to do is  put a tablespoon of tea leaves into your brewing vessel, pour hot water at the temperature indicated on the package, and let the leaves brew for the time mentioned on the package. We understand that tea can be a bit intimidating - it’s hard to brew the tea at exactly the right temperature and brewing time. That is why we have made it very simple to achieve the desired temperature. The following table shows a useful and easy rule-of-thumb to achieve the desired temperature:


Further, to further fortify this process against the faults of fate, we went ahead and found “forgiving” teas for you. Which means that if you put more leaves than needed, or the water is a little bit warmer than it ought to have been, or you let the tea brew a minute longer than required because you had to answer the door, it’s perfectly OK - your brew is still secure. 


Appreciating the tea is the next step in this exhilarating journey. To enjoy deeply, we suggest that after decanting the tea into your cup, you smell the remaining infusion in your brewer. As you let your nose hover over the opening, an exotic world of wood, spices, and flavor will reveal itself to you. The last and most rewarding step is to sip the tea and feel the taste linger on your tongue. The richness of the taste will astound you, and you will realize why tea, along with wine, is the only drink that has the ability to impart ecstasy.