• Himalayan Full-Leaf Tea - Golden

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The tea where the tea-maker has to spend most effort, black tea is the perfect tea for a healthy jump-start to mornings. To make this tea, the tea-maker has to scrupulously wither the leaves overnight, before delicately rolling them and then oxidizing them until the buds are a perfect shade of golden. This tea comes from a remote tea garden of Nepal, where when the first tractor arrived five years ago, the locals thought it was a buffalo and fed it hay. When brewed, the exquisite black tea smells like a rainforest, and leaves an aftertaste of honey.

Each pouch conatains 2.4 oz // 75 g of pure premium tea. Use one spoon (3 g) per cup. You can use the leaves for 2-3 brewings. One pouch will last depending on the number of brewings for 25-60 cups.

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